Katsu Kaisen (勝海船) was a well-known statesman in Edo. He later joined the Kaientai after being persuaded by Sakamoto Tatsuma as the misunderstanding between them are solved in peace.

Relationships Edit

Enemies : Edit

  • Sakamoto Tatsuma : Katsu was planned to assasinate Sakamoto in the beginning as he thought that Sakamoto was linked to the Amanto Liberation Army. Due to this misunderstanding, Katsu had launched an attack towards Kaientai but ended up in failure, just because of Sakamoto's vomit, causing him to unconscious. After that, Sakamoto invited Katsu for a tea time and explained everything about the actual situation and the Kaientai. Later, Katsu completely understood it and later joined the Kaientai as Sakamoto offers him to join


Trivia Edit

  • Katsu Kaisen was loosely based on a Japanese statesman and naval engineer, Katsu Kaishuu (勝海舟)
  • The story between Katsu and Sakamoto are based on the Japanese history but however in reality, Sakamoto joined Katsu instead of killing him.